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TM Smart Vehicle is a fleet management solution developed by TM R&D. A fleet management solution provides management of commercial motor vehicles used for work purposes. As well as providing vehicle telematic information to the fleet operator, utilizing the power of big data analytics provide advisory information to the fleet operator and as well to the driver.

The solution captures real-time data about the vehicles, allowing fleet operator to track and monitor the vehicles real time location. With the telematics data, the driver driving pattern can be established. The solution could then provides advisory information to the driver on how to become a better driver, which benefits both the driver and also the company. The solution is also able to monitor on the vehicle condition, fuel consumption and maintenance requirement, which would allow fleet operator to plan for preventive maintenance.

TM Smart Vehicle goals is to improve fleet and driver productivity, ensure the vehicle safety, ensure the vehicles compliance level and ultimately optimizing the fleet.

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Vehicle Inventory & Tracking

Vehicle Diagnostic & Maintenance

Driver Management


Driver Scoring & Education

Advisory for driver, vehicle and maintenance.

Real-time Dashboard
Engine Faults
Driver Behaviour & Score
Maintenance Schedule
Real-time Tracking
Vehicle Telemetry
OBD-II Compatibility Report


This solution just doesn’t perform vehicular telemetry. It uses the power of data analytics and algorithms to change driver and fleet operator behavior by offering advisory functions. Apart from statistical analysis and dashboards, it also offers just-in-time vehicle maintenance to optimize cost and predictive vehicle breakdown information so that the parts can be kept in stock.


Provides advisory information to the fleet operator as well as on fuel, driver, vehicles, services, etc.


Cost saving through business process automation.


Keep track of fuel use & supplies information on travel routes.


Receive accurate maintenance triggers of the fleet to help eliminate potential problems due to vehicle breakdown


Early detection of vehicle faults.


Alerts & notification on driver behavior scoring for coaching purposes and to introduce safe driving habits in drivers.


Provides advisory information on driver education, how to become a better driver.


Provides report on vehicle utilizations, alerts, vehicle trips, and driver scoring.

Solution for Any Industry

This product is currently being deployed at TM Fleet which consists of about 4000 vehicles to reap the benifits of the solution. However, the solution is designed such that, not only it can be used by fleet operator, individuals would also benefits by using the solution.

Quality & Application of Technology

Plug & Play Solution; Vehicle sensor based on OBD2 standard. Plug the sensor on the vehicle OBD2 port. No hard wiring required in vehicles which would have warranty issue with the vehicle manufacturer.

Micro service backend design allow new additional advisory modules to be incorporated easily to the solution.

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